Sabrina (Default)

Princess counter


Name Sabrina (Default)
Japanese Name Sakura (サクラ Sakura) (Default)
Counterpart Princess Sabrina (Default)
Official Rank Commoner (her world)

Princess (Flower Kingdom)

Age Unknown
Gender Female
Sign Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Favourite Unknown
Country of Origin 'The Real World'
Relative Unknown
Skill Level
Initial Level 1
Initial Technique 15
Initial Artistry 24
Maximum Technique ??
Maximum Artistry ??

The Protagonist of the game who first appear at the start of the game, been shown talking to her friend, Catherine, on their way home from school before lamenting her boredom and 'wishes to be whisked away by a prince.'

Sabrina is the DEFAULT NAME of the protagonist, however it is changeable if the player wishes to do so. As this game consist of a counterpart for every character, Her counterpart would be the Princess (one with a different eye colour from the player) whom first appear in her closet when she decide to change out of her uniform.

Character Relationship

Princess Sabrina (Default + Changable)

Her counterpart from Flower Kingdom, she ends up becoming her friends in one of the ending that the player chooses.

Princess Isabel

The Friend that she met in Flower Kingdom, Sabrina tried her best to get along with her though Isabel is quite a handful but Sabrina did manage to touch her in the end.

Love Interest in the 'Real World' and Flower Kingdom

Schoolmate (The 'Real world")

'Original' self

Prince (Flower Kingdom)


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Keith Kiefer
Carlos Cesar
Kyle Klaus
Lucas Luciano
Leon Liam
--- Tony


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