Princess Sabrina (Default)

Royal Princess

Name Princess Sabrina (Default)
Counterpart Sabrina (Default)
Official Rank Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Sign Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Favourite Unknown
Country of Origin Flower kingdom
Relative King Crown
Skill Level
Initial Level Unknown
Initial Technique Unknown
Initial Artistry Unknown
Maximum Technique Unknown
Maximum Artistry Unknown
A Royal Princess who is bad at dancing and social interaction.

Princess Sabrina (default name) has the same appearance as the protagonist (Sabrina) except for their eye colour. Everything about this royal princess changes to suits the player's choice, for example, the name.

The reason for the entire 'out-of-the-world' experiences that the protagonist is experiencing starts with this royal princess. Due to her incapability in dancing and socializing, she decides to escape and seeks help from her counterpart to subsitute her for the ball that is being held in 30 days.