Vince Wright


Name Vince Wright
Japanese Name Nekiddo Dorimun (ネキッド·ドリムン)
Counterpart Victor
Official Rank Prince
Age 13
Gender Male
Sign Aries
Birthday 28 March
Favourite Tuna Steak
Country of Origin River Kingdom
Relative ???
Skill Level
Initial Level 3
Initial Technique 40
Initial Artistry 40
Maximum Technique ???
Maximum Artistry ???
A Handful Prince whom likes to seek all your attentions.

Vince is the first prince that player encounter in Princess Debut and he is mistaken for Victor, the protagonist classmate from her world. He is the first choosable prince at the start of the game.

Vince likes to play a prank on the protagonist all the time and even confesses his feeling to her alot. He always get rejected if the player decide not to get him as their partner.

Prince Vince

Vince's Game Profile