Name Tony
Japanese Name Coach (コーチ ko-chi)
Counterpart None
Official Rank Prince
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Sign Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Favourite Unknown
Country of Origin Unknown
Relative Unknown
Skill Level
Initial Level Unknown
Initial Technique Unknown
Initial Artistry Unknown
Maximum Technique Unknown
Maximum Artistry Unknown
Your loyal, cute and fluffy dance instructor in Flower Kingdom!

Tony appear as a little rabbit in your first meeting with him in the practice hall. He is then introduce to the protagonist by Kip that he will be your dance instructor during your stay in the kingdom till you found a partner of your own,

Tony is a choosable partner for the Ball after the 30th days, all you had to do is to stay single till then.

In Tony's route, player will have a awesome surprise after they get the first place in the Ball of Saint-Lyon. He'll turn into a handsome prince in a magical way when protagonist were hugging him in joy. According to Tony, he was a prince from a distant country and he had been put in a curse which result him to stay in the mystical bunny form, the only cure for him is to get into the first place in the Ball of Saint-Lyon.