Luciano Barbosa


Name Luciano Barbosa
Japanese Name Hayato Inugami (ハヤト·イヌガミ Hayato Inugami)
Counterpart Lucas
Official Rank Prince
Age 15
Gender Male
Sign Cancer
Birthday 4 July
Favourite Sushi
Country of Origin Garadium Kingdom
Relative ???
Skill Level
Initial Level 11
Initial Technique 80
Initial Artistry 70
Maximum Technique ???
Maximum Artistry ???
A Cute Prince whom collided into you during the first appearance in the Dinner Party.

Following the trial of Lucas, Luciano's sense of direction is as bad as him. Protagonist often seen him wondering around trying to get to a place but ended up helping him in whenever they met.

In Princess Debut, all royalty learns and enjoy dancing as part of their life. This apply to Luciano too, he mention that he had been 'drill' to dance every since he since young. He told the protagonist that he hated 'dancing' but in actually fact he just doesn't have the 'motivation' nor the will to do so.

Prince Luciano

Luciano's Game Profile