Liam Goodrich


Name Liam Goodrich
Japanese Name Randy Greedo (ランヂ·クリド Randi Kurido)
Counterpart Leon
Official Rank Prince
Age 17
Gender Male
Sign Taurus
Birthday 5 May
Favourite Spaghetti
Country of Origin Green Kingdom
Relative Oliver Goodrich (Princess Olive)
Skill Level
Initial Level 5
Initial Technique 50
Initial Artistry 50
Maximum Technique 99
Maximum Artistry 99
A Gentle Loving Prince whom appreciate natural beauty and kindness deep in his heart.

Among all the Princes, Liam is the oldest of all. Other then been the oldest among princes, he had a younger sister back in the Green Kingdom, waiting for his return in his current trip. He often mention Olive to protagonist and it is shown that he is really worried about her due to her illness.

Prince Liam

Liam's Game profile

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