Klaus Rosencrans


Name Klaus Rosencrans
Japanese Name Karl Connors (カル·コンナズ Karu Konnazu)
Counterpart Kyle
Official Rank Prince
Age 15
Gender Male
Sign Gemini
Birthday 20 June
Favourite Cabbage Roll
Country of Origin Republic Of Lamor
Relative ???
Skill Level
Initial Level 10
Initial Technique 75
Initial Artistry 70
Maximum Technique ??
Maximum Artistry ??
A Charming Prince that is found been crowded by his fangirls at the Dinner Party during the first appearance.

Klaus is the counter part of Sabrina's schoolmate Kyle. Klaus is as equally as popular among ladies just like Kyle, which result in various trouble and problem in his life.

Klaus refers his meeting with the protagonist as a destined one in his route, for various reason, he just can't help but to be able to open his heart to the protagonist and have a hearty conversation with her. It is known that in a certain morning where Klaus visits the protagonist in her room out of the blue (to ask her to be his partner), that their meeting is not just a coincidence.

According to Klaus, he once stole a 'National Treasure' from his country (which is a emerald necklace that is hanging on the real Princess' wall) not knowing its importance and give it to the real Sabrina when they met long time ago when they're young. He had fun with her even though the real Sabrina claims to say that 'he looked like a frog'.

Prince Klaus

Klaus Game Profile