Kiefer Bergmann


Name Kiefer Bergmann
Japanese Name Keith McGuire (キース・マグガイヤ Kisu Magugaiya)
Counterpart Keith
Official Rank Prince
Age 14
Gender Male
Sign Scorpio
Birthday 17 November
Favourite Fondue
Country of Origin Nezzie Empire
Relative ???
Skill Level
Initial Level 8
Initial Technique 65
Initial Artistry 65
Maximum Technique ???
Maximum Artistry ???
The cool and quiet prince whom always goes on at his own paces.

Kiefer's route is only available AFTER you have completed a game with any princes of your choice. Therefore, there will not be any appearance of him in the first game at all till the requirement is unlocked.

Kiefer is a shy princes that is very analytical. He enjoys museums and libraries, and dislikes ordinary types of amusement such as amusement parks since he's "afraid of heights and doesn't like spinning too fast." During the game most of the dance lessons are in foxtrot forest. He tends to overthink most things in life rather than living through the experience. The protagonist helps him learn the value of fun, and helps him to develop into a less "cold" type of person and helps him love dancing and music. During the Foxtrot Forest Concert, the animals will surround Kiefer and state that he is the human with the purest heart and request you to dance for them to their music. Kiefer is hesitant at first but as you convince him that it will be fun he likes the idea of dancing with you. During the St Lyon Ball he gifts you the star pendant as your magical item.

Prince Kiefer

Kiefer's Game Profile