Kiefer Bergmann


Name Kiefer Bergmann
Japanese Name Keith McGuire (キース・マグガイヤ Kisu Magugaiya)
Counterpart Keith
Official Rank Prince
Age 14
Gender Male
Sign Scorpio
Birthday 17 November
Favourite Fondue
Country of Origin Nezzie Empire
Relative ???
Skill Level
Initial Level 8
Initial Technique 65
Initial Artistry 65
Maximum Technique ???
Maximum Artistry ???
The cool and quiet prince whom always goes on at his own paces.

Kiefer's route is only available AFTER you have completed a game with any princes of your choice. Therefore, there will not be any appearance of him in the first game at all till the requirement is unlocked.

Prince Kiefer

Kiefer's Game Profile

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