Ending 1: StayEdit

Stay with Luciano

When Luciano and I got older, we got married in a beautiful ceremony.

Then we competed in the World Dance Competition, and we won the couples contest!

It was a wonderful feeling. Everyone was so proud of us.

No matter how good of a dancer Luciano becomes, though, he still has a lousy sense of direction.

But that doesn't matter. I'm always by his side, and I won't let him get lost!

Ending 2: LeaveEdit

Leave Luciano

You pass throught the closet and return to your own world...

Sabrina: The same old life. The same old school. Everything is the same.

Sabrina: Lucas is lost like always.

Sabrina: ... He's just like Luciano.

Sabrina: Lucas!

Lucas: Hm?

Sabrina: There's nothing wrong with being lost!

Go be lost as much as you want!